Perfect Pricks

Hey guys, can you please go check out my main blog. I’m following back any new followers or if you already are following just drop by the askbox and i’ll follow you. It’s a multi-fandom blog so yeah check it out?

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Hey guiseee yeah sorry for being a douche and hardly updating this blog.
Lately I really can’t be bothered running this blog well mainly because i’m lazy as well as school and shit.
I will be deleting this blog soon i know i know (dont cry its ok) and i’ll be turning my main blog into a multi-fandom blog because why not? 
So yeah thought i would explain why i suck. :)

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lukes snapchat omg

Super justsayin - @tyrone_gwat

Amazing shot done by Daniel Radke! Thank you to the whole
Crew who helped Diane and chantelle x

i thought everyone on tumblr was supposed to be ugly and antisocial some of you guys aren’t keeping up your part of the deal

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so. cute.

ur not cute stop